Winnipeg Foodshare Co-op - August 2012

"I was impressed by Smart bag's ability to turn my marketing idea into a reality. The mini-bags make our brochures stand out and help us explain to customers what our product is. I am also impressed with the high quality of customer service that resulted in our organization getting the product we wanted, in the time we needed it. Thanks.

Mark-Jan Daalderop, Winnipeg FoodShare Cooperative inc. -

The Rocca Sisters - July 2012

"Yes we did receive the bags - they are fantastic! We are so pleased with how they turned out."

- Kaitie Jubb, Marketing Co-ordinator -

General Paint Canada - February 2011

"The bags have been sent to our stores and are meeting rave reviews! The strength of the bags seems to be the most impressive point thus far, as well, the compact (or folding) aspect of the bags seems to be a great solution to both our customers and staff."

Thank you again for your follow up, and for the delivery of an exceptional product.

- Corinne F, General Paint -

Vancouver General Hospital

"Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Banfield Fall Bazaar at VGH! We had a great event. The Silent Auciton items were much sought after, and teh Baskets in the Basket Raffle were beautiful, so creative and luxurious. The day was well attended by residents, staff, family and members of the community, We were very successful, thanks to the wonderful donations from neighbours like you. You support is an important part of building the community here at Banfield adn making our Bazaar a fundraising success and we appreciate it. All funds raised go directly to resident's recreation programs at Banfield Pavilion."

- Natalie Chapman, Vancouver General Hospital

The Ware House

"I have had several opportunities to show off the bags not only to staff within our organization but to our funders and community members who will be using them. Everyone has been very impressed with their appearance and their durability. What can I say? The bags look great and I'm thrilled to be able to give them out for our food bank and help reduce the use of plastics, as well they're great promotion for us."

- Brenda Diffley, The Ware House

Vancouver Coastal Health

"The bags were wonderful, thank you very much! The idea was new for the bazaar, but people did seem to get behind it. It was especially helpful towards the end of the event, when we offered the purchase of a bag at a low cost, and to fill it with white elephant items. It got people excited and it was less for us to haul away in the end.
We hope to continue to try these types of ideas in the future and we do appreciate your help."

- Natalie - Vancouver Coastal Health -

Isa Mundo Foundation

"SmartBag's contribution has been great and we've completed a few projects based solely on the sale of the bags and people donating to us and giving the bags for free. It's been a hit and I sometimes see people on the bus in Ottawa with the Isa Mundo bag made by SmartBag."

- Paul Lorilla, Director and Founder - Isa Mundo Foundation
Reconnecting the world, one project at a time -


"The bags were a hit. Thanks again for your efforts. It is very much appreciated."

- Venita Heiland, Vice President - MKM

IDS 2008 (Toronto Interior Design Show 2008)

"Randolph, the bags look fantastic! Thanks again for everything."

- Shauna Levy, Vice President - Merchandise Mart Properties Inc.


"The bags were a big hit! Our event was a great success."

- Emily Barcket, Telus Community Engagement

Steveston RE/MAX

"The bags look awesome Randolph! Thank you sooooo much!"

- Lynn Sakai Boden, Steveston RE/MAX

Royal LePage

"Thank you so much once again for the great bags. Great feedback."

- Cathy Barrowclough, Royal LePage

Definately You Spa - Saskatoon

"The bags are just super, so super that I would like to order another 1000, I have already given 750 bags in less than a week, so let's get another batch,OK?"

- Cookie, Owner