Most British Columbians want plastic bags banned - poll 13 June 2012

Sixty per cent of British Columbians say prohibiting retailers from providing single-use plastic carryout bags is a good idea, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.

In a news release issued this morning, the pollster said 58 per cent of respondents across Canada say they support banning plastic shopping bags in their own city or town, while 39 per cent are opposed.

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Toronto tosses bags out with the ‘bag tax’. 07 June 2012

Toronto has become the first major city in Canada to ban retailers from offering plastic shopping bags, as of Jan. 1, 2013, following a council decision that also scraps the 6¢ bag fee.

The surprise bag ban — made Wednesday without study or consultation — was immediately heralded by environmentalists and derided by Mayor Rob Ford, who said it opened the city up to potential lawsuits.

“It’s the end of the plastic bag and it’s the end of [retailers] making $5-million a year on the poor shoppers,” said Councillor David Shiner, who lamented that an environmental initiative to charge for plastic bags had become a money-maker for companies. “It’s time they give us a free alternative to take our groceries home.”

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Sample Sale - GX Building April 23rd - 25th. 23 April 2012

All the wholesalers are having a sample sale at the GX- Building April 23rd - April 25th, 2012. Make sure to come and visit our showroom, FREE SAMPLES ALWAYS!

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